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What is Power Search?

Power search is an exciting new feature that allows you to bulk search lists and combinations of words to quickly check a large selection of potential domain names.

Add lists to your query by writing a list of words, letters or numbers separated by commas between a set of [square braces]. Enter "[red,blue,green]light" to search for redlight, bluelight and greenlight (.com, .net, .org etc.).

You can also call a few special functions:

Finally, Power Search provides some pre-made lists you can use in your searches:

[vwl]VowelsThe 5 vowels of the english language: a, e, i, o u
[vwly]Vowels (including y)The 5 vowels plus "y"
[cns]ConsonantsThe 21 consonants in the english language
[alpha]AlphabetAll letters in the English alphabet
[digit]DigitsAll 10 single digits 0-9
[digite]English digits"one" to "ten", spelled out
[digite20]English digits to twenty"one" to "twenty", spelled out
[digite10s]English tens"ten","twenty","thirty"...
[ending]EndingsCommon word endings, "er", "ed", "ster" etc.
[prep]PrepositionsMost common English prepositions
[color]ColorsA list of common colors
[verb]VerbsA list of the most common English verbs
[phonetic]Phonetic alphabetThe phonetic alphabet: "alpha", "bravo", "charlie" etc.

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