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New Feature: Domain Name Creation and Expiry

We now integrate Whois information! When you mouse over an unavailable domain name, as well as generating a thumbnail of the site Domize will now also look-up the creation and expiry dates of the domain name. This allows you to see when a domain name is up for renewal and together with the creation date gives you some indication of the likelihood of the domain being renewed.

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Beta Feature: International Domain Names

Domize now accepts international domain names (IDN) through the search box. This means you can now use Domize to check on such domains as ü or motö (both already snapped up, unfortunately).

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Domize Now Includes Premium Domains

With the release of our new-look Domize we now include “premium domains” in search results. A premium domian is a domain name that has been previously registered but is available to be purchased through a secondary domain name marketplace. They range in price from as low as $100 through to 100’s of thousands of dollars. When you search on Domize you will see these domains appear as green links. Mousing-over that link will reveal its purchase price and the reseller. Clicking such a link will take you direct to that reseller’s shopping cart.

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Search with Domize on Twitter!

As a fun little 20%-style project we’ve added support for domain name searches from within Twitter. To check on the availability of a domain name message “@domize domain_to_check” - we’ll send you back a message showing its availability. Please note that this search is not private like searching directly on Domize. If the feature is popular we may well build in support for direct messaging to improve the privacy. For now have fun and let us know what you think!

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