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New Design and Advanced Search Functions

You may have already noticed, but we’ve recently updated our homepage to speed up loading time (things had been slowing down under the load of all the new features such as support for International Domain Names and creation/expiry dates) and provide a more search-like experience to better reflect our status as a domain name search engine. We’ve also released a couple of great new advanced search commands…

When performing advanced searches you now have the use of the following:

[words:regex] will return a list of all dictionary words that match the supplied regular expression (regex). Want a list of all four letter words ending in the letter “e”? Just type [words:^…e$]. Of course, you’ll need to know a bit about regular expressions to get the most out of this function but the rewards are well worth the effort.

[rhyme:word] is a fun new command that, not surprisingly, returns a list of words that rhyme with the word supplied. This is really useful for brainstorming product names by looking for catchy combos. Like [rhyme:sound]sound gives all sorts of suggestions for a music website…

We hope you enjoy the new additions and look forward to your feedback!

Posted Sep 17, 2009
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